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Excellent Basement Remodel and More!

Customers can rely on Campos Tile and Remodeling for a quality basement remodel, flooring installation, painting, and bathroom remodeling. There is nothing better than hiring a team you know will work meticulously instead of a team specializing in each of these construction aspects.

Our Services

Flooring Service

Flooring Service

The floor is the first item that guests notice when they enter your residence. However, if it is filthy, grimy, or damaged, the entire room can appear shabby and untidy. We are here to assist you in maintaining the pristine condition of your floors. We will come to your home to thoroughly clean and restore the attractiveness of your floors as part of our professional flooring service.
Painting Service

Painting Service

We provide a painting service that allows you to customize the appearance of your residence or business. We will determine your desires and make them a reality as quickly as feasible! Our team is available for both commercial and residential projects, so regardless of the size or scope of the painting project you have in mind, we will take care of it.
Drywall Service

Drywall Service

Do you intend to renovate your property and install drywall? If so, you must entrust it to a reputable organization like ours. In addition to providing quality home renovations, we also offer drywall services. If you need to repair, install, or replace your old one, we can help. Schedule an appointment today!
Baseboard Service

Baseboard Service

You can give your house a modern and appealing look by purchasing baseboards and molding from our company. We specialize in providing residential finish carpentry services, which, when performed on your house, will provide you with the unique touch you have been looking for.
Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

We can also give your lavatory a completely new appearance. Our team focuses on every aspect of your endeavor to make it a reality. We can replace the tiles and fixtures and perform custom projects such as installing a shower and bathtub, among others. We can also resolve minor plumbing issues, unclog all sewers, and more.
Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

If you also want to improve your kitchen area, we can do that for you. We can install new fixtures and features such as a sink, counters, countertops, backsplashes, cupboards, cabinets, and so much more. We'll have your cooking space upgraded for you in no time.

Client Feedback

What The Customers Says About The Product

Impressive inside Remodeling by Campos Company

I recently had the pleasure of hiring Campos Company for an inside remodeling project, and I'm thrilled with the results. From start to finish, they displayed a high level of professionalism and expertise that made the entire process smooth and enjoyable.

Campos Company's team was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive to my vision for the project. They provided valuable insights and suggestions that enhanced the final outcome, and their attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the remodeling process.

Communication with Campos Company was excellent. They were responsive, keeping me informed about the progress and any necessary adjustments. Their accessibility and willingness to address my questions and concerns ensured that I felt involved and confident throughout the remodeling journey.

The craftsmanship exhibited by Campos Company was exceptional. From removing walls to installing new flooring and completing the finishing touches, their attention to detail was impeccable. The quality of their work surpassed my expectations, resulting in a truly transformed space.

One aspect that stood out was the company's commitment to timeliness. Campos Company completed the project within the agreed-upon timeframe, demonstrating their efficiency and professionalism. This allowed me to enjoy my remodeled space sooner than expected.

Throughout the remodeling process, Campos Company maintained a clean and organized work area. They took great care to protect my home and belongings, ensuring minimal disruption to my daily routine. Their attention to cleanliness and orderliness was greatly appreciated.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Campos Company for inside remodeling projects. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction were evident from the beginning. If you're looking for a company that delivers exceptional results and an stress-free experience, Campos Company is an excellent choice. I am extremely satisfied with their work and wouldn't hesitate to hire them again in the future.

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Excellence Made Easy

It’s only natural for those interested in remodeling to seek excellence in every stage, and there is a way to complete each endeavor without spending much time or effort. For instance, if you are in the beginning phases of a basement remodel, what do you believe are the most essential items? A strategy, the right instruments, a clear vision of the approach, and the drive to reach the finish line? The same applies to any remodeling or renovation endeavor; you can rely on professionals like us to handle every detail!

Leave Everything To Us

When remodeling a bathroom or performing any other type of home improvement, it is essential to pay close attention to every detail. Disregarding a single one could result in a terrible outcome and spoil the thrill of acquiring something new! Therefore, you should enable us to handle all the specifics while you focus solely on the concepts! Our affordable kitchen remodeling service guarantees excellent results.

Other Areas Served

Our remodeling service is also provided in the neighboring locations of the Fort Lauderdale, FL area that are listed below:

  • Roosevelt Gardens, FL
  • Ojus, FL
  • Opa-locka, FL
  • West Park, FL

Call Campos Tile and Remodeling for a full bathroom remodeling and our other services, which we have diligently enumerated above. Whether it’s the bathroom, a complete kitchen remodeling, the exterior, or the installation of new doors and windows, it’s exhilarating to undertake various types of home improvement! If you reside in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, you can rely on us to execute flawlessly!

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  • Flooring Service
  • Painting Service
  • Baseboard Service
  • Drywall Service
  • Bathroom Remodeling Service
  • Kitchen Remodeling Service
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